Loyalty Test

Loyalty Test Detective Services

A loyalty test investigation is conducted to find out if someone has been cheating their partners or family. Detective services is a private detective agency that runs from Delhi. We also deal with clients across India.


If you know someone who has been defrauding their partner, conduct a loyalty test investigation/interrogation on them and show their partner the proof about it. You can save billions of lives if you do this. Emotional shock has damaged people more than money has.


Every year people commit suicide all over the world mostly because of emotional devastation, mental illness, anxiety, and depression. People get depressed and lose hope as soon as they found their partner has been defrauding them, some of them can’t even move on after such an event.

A loyalty test can save you from many incidents.

What is a loyalty test & what is the purpose behind it?

A loyalty test investigation is an investigation that is conducted to check if that person has any extramarital affairs or just love affairs with anyone outside of their committed relationship. 

Detective services aim at conducting tests on their subject with the latest technology available in the market. We have highly qualified investigation agents in our team who are highly skilled and know how to conduct investigations properly on time. A loyalty test is very important for your relationship because you are going to spend the rest of your life with that trusted partner so you should know what they are getting into.

  •  You can break that emotional trauma and take up the right decision for your married life.
  •  It gives you clarity whether you can live with your partner or not.
  • You can move on easily in your life with correct facts and figures.


  •  Check if your partner is cheating on you before or after marriage.
  •  Check if they are lying to you about their work and colleagues.
  •  Accurate proofs for divorce cases.
  •  If they had any past relationship with anyone whom you don’t know.
  •  Check if your boyfriend /girlfriend had any past relationships.
  •  Check if they don’t spend so much time with you and your family.


Why should you hire a private detective agency for a loyalty test? 


You should hire private detective agents for a loyalty test investigation since they are highly qualified and trusted for this job. They are well trained and specialized in private investigations, from their planning to the execution; they know how to draw up everything from the basics.

There are many reasons to hire private detective agents for this work:

  •  The private agents are verified by the government of India under which they can’t do any negligence in their work.
  •  We work under the government policies and terms and do their work with full honesty and loyalty.
  •  A loyalty check investigation requires 24 hours monitoring which is something only professional investigators can do.
  •  We have the right equipment and techniques to conduct a loyalty test interrogation.


What are the things we need from you to conduct a loyalty test interrogation?

  •  Name
  •  Address proof
  •  All social media profiles with proofs
  •  Workplace/company
  •  Past/current email-id
  •  Friends and family information
  • Recent unusual things that happened