Divorce Cases

Divorce Cases

The national constitution of India gives the right to people to choose their relationship status: married, single, separated, divorced, widowed, etc. Divorce is still a taboo in India. Many people don’t fight for it and live in a false relationship due to family and society. The number of separated cases in India is more than the divorce cases. if we talk about gender bias then more women are separated and divorced.it reveals women either choose to stay single/alone or are not able to find the perfect life partner for getting married again.

Our detective service agency helps people to get through this with a favorable decision. Our agency provides highly qualified professional and trained agents. Our agents work with 100% confidentiality and in a secret manner. Our agents work 24/7 in alert mode and cover more than 1000 cases. Our agency consists of highly experienced and best private detective agents in India. Divorce cases can be filled for many reasons :

  1. Misbehavior by spouse: It covers the matters like ignorance, the quarrel between husband-wife, not spending time, and also in terms of cruelty. Cruelty is a brutal act that should be punished.it can be in any form such as in words, gestures, violent or nonviolent.
  2. Mental disability: It should be counted as the major thing in divorce cases that the partner is suffering from an incurable mental disorder. Our private detective agents would help you to find the most accurate evidence to prove this claim is yours.
  3. Extramarital affair: In an earlier phase of marriage, one person marries the best partner, they live happily for a while too but after some time things get changed like very unusual things happen between them .such kind of marriages usually not suffer so long after some time they come to an end like breakup or divorce. We have very high professional and qualified agents who always keep their eyes on the suspect that is cheating in a relationship.
  4. Dowry demands: It means the demand of some valuable property by one marriage party to another one .according to the dowry act,1961 it is prohibited to give or take dowry.
  5. Adulteration: It’s a sexual relationship between a married person and someone who is not that person’s wife or husband. He/she found out that committed adultery. It’s counted as a criminal offense that proofs are required to be presented in court correctly.

Divorce affects the entire family, everyone seems to be hurt by it differently. Divorce often leads to experiences such as unhappy family, mental disorder of children, separation, mental trauma, loss of peace of mind, and killed self-esteem.


  1. Children mental health: Children are the worst sufferers of a divorce as they have to choose between one of the parents. They are usually in their growing age or maybe teenage, thus this change causes them to take the inappropriate decision in their life. They can fall into the trap of drug abuse, poor studies, school dropouts, aggressive emotions, behavioral changes.
  2. Separation: Divorce means breakup not only for the couples but also for the whole family. Everybody in the family faces a different level of pain and untold emotions.
  3. Depression/mental trauma: The couple can hurt their mental health. They can be seen doing so unusual things as they have never done before. They will become a pessimistic person and can end up destroying themselves in both psychological and physical health.